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Beyond the Music

Beyond the Music

Most choirs expect to prepare and perform four concerts each year (Fall, Christmas/holiday, midwinter, and spring), and our audiences and administrators share the same expectation. If that’s the baseline, what more can we offer our people to keep them motivated and to keep ourselves challenged? A Few Ideas: Tour Choirs love to travel, even if […]

Choral Alchemy: Leadership Secrets for Transforming Voices into Harmony

Choral Alchemy: Leadership Secrets for Transforming Voices into Harmony

In the realm of choral music, leadership is not merely about wielding a conductor’s baton; it is an art of orchestrating unity, passion, and precision among diverse voices. The choral conductor plays a pivotal role in crafting an ensemble that transcends individual talents to create a harmonious and powerful musical experience that far exceeds the […]

Free Music

Free Music

If you’re not aware of CPDL, you should familiarize yourself with this website. The Choral Public Domain Library is a repository for free-to-perform/copy/record choral music. 

I’m here for you and your choir.

Sometimes a new set of ears or a new way of saying what you’ve been sharing with your choir can help to elevate the ensemble to the next level.

A consultation or a clinic can have an immediate impact on your choir.

I have the experience, knowledge, and passion to inspire your choral program to new levels of greatness. Whether you need strategic guidance with your church or community choir, skill building ideas for your school choir, or a passionate guest conductor for your honor choir or festival, I’m excited to hear from you!

What Choirs Are Saying

Walking in Memphis

“It was an honor to have Dr. Matt Hill serve as adjudicator and clinician for MemphisFest 2017. His contributions to the organization and the event went above and beyond to set a whole new professional standard.

Mutual Respect Gets Results

“Dr. Matt Hill has worked with my Women’s, Men’s, Concert Choir, and Chamber Choir at least once a year since 2015. Matt comes in and works where the students are at that moment.

An Excited Choral Geek

“I have Dr. Hill into my classroom to work with our Women’s Choir and Concert Choir at Bennington High School once each year. He jumps right in to work with our choirs and builds trust with my students.