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Making chicken salad out of…well, ya know…

Making the best of bad situations is sometimes easier said than done, but in the case of Covid-19-related disruptions to personal, professional, and spiritual lives, we’re all having to adjust to changing circumstances daily. For choral musicians, uncertainty reigns as we are transitioning from the chaos of the end of the spring semester and turning […]

Tempest in a Teapot

We singers and choral conductors are generally mild-mannered, soft spoken, and easy to get along with. We enjoy collaboration, and the nature of our art is social and fun. That is, until we are scorned by labels that demean and diminish us.

Free Music

If you’re not aware of CPDL, you should familiarize yourself with this website. The Choral Public Domain Library is a repository for free-to-perform/copy/record choral music. 

Support Living Artists

The music publishing industry has served the choral profession well, providing clearinghouses through which music can be edited, promoted, and distributed to choral directors around the country and around the world.

Join a Wolfpack

The best movie theater experience I’ve ever had happened at my viewing of the original “Hangover” movie. I laughed so hard and so often that I missed some of the movie, and had to see it a second time to fill in the holes of what I missed. One of the many takeaways from that […]